Chilli Jam



Indulge in a symphony of perfectly balanced flavours featuring the vibrant notes of lemongrass, tamarind, ginger, and garlic with  Super Saucy Chilli Jam. Picture the delectable combination of these exquisite Asian ingredients dancing on your taste buds. The versatility of this culinary gem extends far beyond the expected, as it elevates everyday dishes to new heights.

Whether you’re savouring a classic Boerie Roll or a juicy burger,  Super Saucy Chilli Jam adds an irresistible kick that will leave you reaching for more. But why stop there? This condiment transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, making cheese and crackers a sensational experience like never before.

Breakfast takes on a whole new level of excitement with a dollop of Chilli Jam paired with avocado or spread over eggs on toast. The day begins with a burst of flavor that sets the tone for a culinary adventure. Get ready to discover endless possibilities as you find every excuse to enhance and elevate every meal with our Super Saucy Chilli Jam.

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