Embark on a flavour journey with  Super Saucy Chimichurri, Argentina’s best-kept culinary secret. This vibrant sauce is a thrilling alternative to the traditional, often lackluster, mint sauce commonly paired with lamb.  Super Saucy Chimichurri is crafted to perfection, ideal for adding a burst of flavour to your favourite meats – be it chicken, lamb, pork or beef – as soon as they come off the heat.

When preparing your meat, keep the seasoning understated to let the natural flavours shine, ensuring that the fat turns deliciously sizzling and crispy. As you plate up, lavish each serving with a generous spoonful of delectable Chimichurri. The dynamic interplay of the sauce’s bold flavours with the meat’s inherent sweetness and the rich, crispy fat creates an exquisite balance, transforming your meal into a gourmet experience. With Super Saucy Chimichurri, each bite is a testament to the art of fine cooking.

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