Euro BBQ Chicken Seasoning (100g)


Discover the secret to perfectly seasoned poultry with Euro Meats Gourmet BBQ Chicken Seasoning, featuring our innovative encapsulated salt technology. This premium blend is expertly crafted to bring a new level of flavour and finesse to your chicken dishes, ensuring a perfect balance of taste in every bite.

Our BBQ Chicken Seasoning is a masterful mix of classic barbecue spices enhanced by the unique use of encapsulated salt. This cutting-edge technique ensures that the salt releases slowly during cooking, providing a more uniform distribution of flavour and preventing over-seasoning. The result is a succulent, perfectly seasoned chicken with a harmonious blend of smoky, savoury, and slightly sweet notes.

Serving Suggestion: Generously coat your chicken wings, thighs, or breasts with our Gourmet BBQ Chicken Seasoning before grilling or roasting for a delicious, evenly seasoned crust. It’s also perfect for barbecued chicken kebabs or as a rub for whole chicken roasts. For a creative twist, mix it into your breadcrumb coating for oven-baked crumbed chicken.

Ideal for Braai enthusiasts and culinary perfectionists, Euro Meats Gourmet BBQ Chicken Seasoning with Encapsulated Salt promises a consistently flavourful and juicy chicken experience, turning your everyday meals into gourmet delights.

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