Bockwurst 1KG PACK


Pack Size : 1Kg ( 12 Sausages)

Sausage Length : 17cm

Sausage Width : 20mm

Sausage Weight : 80g

Product Description:

Our Bockwurst is a traditional German sausage known for its mild and delicate flavour, crafted from premium pork. Seasoned with traditional mild spices, Bockwurst offers a smooth texture and a subtle hint of smoke that distinguishes it as a beloved choice in German cuisine.

Recommended Uses:

  • Boiling: Traditionally, Bockwurst is gently simmered in water or broth until heated through. Serve with freshly baked pretzels, mustard, and a side of sauerkraut for a classic German meal.
  • Grilling: While less traditional, Bockwurst can be lightly grilled for added flavour. Grill until the skin is crisp and golden, then serve with warm potato salad or grilled vegetables.
  • Casseroles: Incorporate sliced Bockwurst into casseroles or stews for a hearty and flavourful addition.
  • Sandwiches: Use sliced Bockwurst as a filling for sandwiches or wraps, pairing with mustard, pickles, and lettuce for a satisfying lunch option.
  • Beer Pairing: Enjoy Bockwurst with a refreshing beer to complement its mild flavours and enhance the dining experience.

Bockwurst is a versatile sausage that suits a variety of cooking methods and meal occasions, making it a favourite among sausage enthusiasts.

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