Frankfurters 1KG PACK


Pack size : 1.1KG Pack ( 10 sausages)

Sausage Length: 15cm

Sausage Width : 30mm

Sausage Weight:  110g

Product Description

Our classic Frankfurters are a staple of traditional German cuisine, known for their smooth texture and delicate seasoning. Made from high-quality pork, these sausages are carefully crafted to deliver an authentic taste that is both savoury and satisfying. Perfect for a variety of meals, Frankfurters bring a delicious and versatile option to your kitchen.

Recommended Uses:

  • Hot Dogs: Serve these Frankfurters in a bun with your favourite condiments like mustard, ketchup, relish, and onions for a traditional and tasty hot dog experience.
  • Boiled: Simply boil in water or beer for a few minutes until heated through. Serve with potato salad and sauerkraut for a classic German meal.
  • Grilled: These sausages also taste great when grilled. The smoky flavour from the grill enhances their already rich taste. Pair with grilled vegetables for a complete meal.
  • Casseroles: Chop and add to casseroles, soups, or stews for a hearty, flavourful addition that enhances any dish.
  • Party Snacks: Slice into bite-sized pieces and serve with a dipping sauce for a quick and easy party appetizer.