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Donate to save the Pangolins

Wildlife conservation is an issue close to everyone’s hearts at Euro Meat. Our involvement in the venison industry is defined by supporting only those who participate in legal, sustainable, and humane hunting practices. Maintaining a thriving and balanced ecosystem is extremely important and enables us to continue to supply our customers with ethically sourced and environmentally conscious venison products.

Euro Meats stands firmly against poaching or illegal trafficking of wild animals of any kind. For this reason, we have chosen to support the African Pangolin Working Group (APWG). The only entirely scaled mammal to exist, Pangolin’s are now the single most trafficked animal in the world. The demand for their meat and scales has led to a declining population, with all eight species ranging from vulnerable to critically endangered.

Your donations will go towards supporting the APWG’s efforts to conserve and protect the four African species of Pangolin, ensuring this unique and wonderful creature’s future for generations to come.

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