Babalas biltong mix


Introducing our Babalas Mix, a snack blend designed not just for indulgence but as your ultimate hangover remedy. Crafted with care, this mix combines premium biltong, dry wors, cabanossi, salami, and a harmonious fusion of chilli, herbs, and a hint of olive oil. Elevate your post-celebration recovery with the perfect marriage of rich flavours and diverse textures, offering not only a savoury delight but also a comforting solution for those mornings after.

Recommended Uses:

  1. Morning-After Munch: Ease into the day with Babalas Mix, a thoughtfully curated combination of meats, spices, and olive oil that doubles as a flavourful remedy for the aftereffects of a night of celebration.
  2. Recovery Charcuterie: Turn your recovery time into a moment of indulgence with Babalas Mix as the centrepiece of your charcuterie board. The diverse selection of meats and well-balanced flavours brings comfort and satisfaction.
  3. Revitalizing Snacking: Whether you’re on the move or lounging at home, Babalas Mix offers a convenient and revitalizing snack that aids in replenishing your energy and soothing the aftermath of festivities.
  4. Hangover Salad Booster: Sprinkle Babalas Mix over your morning salad for a burst of savoury goodness. The combination of meats, herbs, and olive oil adds a flavourful kick that complements your efforts to revitalize with fresh greens.
  5. Reviving Pizza Toppings: Transform your recovery meal by using chopped Babalas Mix as a spicy and rich topping for your homemade pizzas. The blend of meats and spices brings a gourmet touch to your revitalizing feast.
  6. Gourmet Hair of the Dog: Pair your chosen recovery beverage with Babalas Mix. The complex flavours of the meats, chili, and herbs harmonize with your drink of choice, creating a revitalizing and satisfying combination.
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