Discover the robust and tantalizing flavours of our Cabanossi, a premium European-style sausage known for its distinctive taste and delightful texture. Made from high-quality pork, seasoned with a unique blend of spices including garlic and paprika, our Cabanossi is delicately smoked to achieve a perfect balance of smoky and savoury notes. This versatile and intensely flavoured sausage is an excellent choice for those who appreciate a hearty, spice-forward snack or ingredient in their culinary creations.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Charcuterie Boards: Add slices of Cabanossi to a charcuterie board alongside an assortment of cheeses, crackers, olives, and fruit for a sophisticated and flavourful spread.
  • Pizza Topping: Dice the Cabanossi and sprinkle it over pizzas for an added depth of flavour and a meaty bite.
  • Appetizer Skewers: Pair chunks of Cabanossi with cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, and pickles on skewers for a quick and easy appetizer.
  • Savory Breakfasts: Incorporate sliced Cabanossi into omelettes, frittatas, or as a side with scrambled eggs for a protein-rich breakfast option.
  • Hearty Stews and Soups: Add chopped Cabanossi to bean stews, lentil soups, or goulash for a rich and satisfying flavour.
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