390g-420g pack (4 sausages)

Delight in the authentic flavours of our traditional Weisswurst, a Bavarian specialty sausage renowned for its delicate taste and smooth texture. Crafted with finely ground  pork, subtly seasoned with parsley, mace, and other aromatic spices, our Weisswurst embodies the essence of German culinary tradition. The mild, creamy profile of this sausage pairs exquisitely with its natural casing, creating a tender bite that captures the essence of Bavarian cuisine. Ideal for breakfast or as the centrepiece of a hearty meal, our Weisswurst promises a taste of Old World charm.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Bavarian Breakfast: Enjoy Weisswurst as part of a classic Bavarian breakfast with soft pretzels, sweet mustard, and freshly brewed Weissbier for an authentic experience.
  • Boiled or Grilled: Simmer Weisswurst in hot water (not boiling) until hot or lightly grill until golden brown for a delightful meal. Serve with sauerkraut and potato salad for a traditional Bavarian feast.
  • Sausage Platter: Present sliced Weisswurst on a platter with a variety of mustards, pickles, and freshly baked bread as a delicious appetizer or part of a buffet spread.
  • Creative Recipes: Incorporate Weisswurst into casseroles, soups, or pasta dishes to infuse them with the sausage’s delicate flavour and enhance the overall taste profile.