Salted Butter (200g)


Experience the richness of tradition with Dirla Homestead’s Country Classic Salted Butter, crafted from the finest cream of their cherished Jersey cows. The salted butter is a tribute to the time-honoured methods of artisanal butter-making, delivering a taste that is both pure and profoundly satisfying.

Churned to creamy perfection, this butter embodies the essence of premium quality dairy. The addition of just the right amount of salt enhances its natural flavour, resulting in a butter that is both rich and balanced. Its smooth texture and golden hue are testament to the high-quality milk and meticulous care that go into every batch.

Serving Suggestion: Let Dirla Homestead’s Country Classic Salted Butter transform your cooking and baking. Spread it on freshly baked bread, scones, or muffins to enjoy its full, rich flavour. Use it as the base for sauces and sautés, or let it melt over steamed vegetables and grilled meats for an added touch of luxury. Its superior quality also makes it an excellent ingredient in your baking, lending a sumptuous depth to cakes, pastries, and cookies.

Ideal for those who appreciate the simple pleasures of fine butter, Dirla Homestead’s Country Classic Salted Butter is a staple for every kitchen, bringing a touch of farmhouse elegance to your table.

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