Alpine style cheese (200g)


Elevate your cheese experience with Dirla Homestead’s Alpine style cheese, a masterpiece  crafted with care and expertise. Produced from the rich milk of their own Jersey cows, this cheese embodies the essence of the alpine tradition, bringing a taste of the mountains to your table.

Aged to perfection, Alpine Bliss boasts a firm yet smooth texture with a captivating nuttiness and a hint of sweet caramel undertones. The meticulous craftsmanship at Dirla Homestead ensures that every wheel of this cheese matures into a flavourful symphony, reflecting the natural terroir and the character of our Jersey cow milk.

Serving Suggestion: Pair the nutty richness of Alpine Bliss with a selection of crusty bread, fresh fruits, and a drizzle of honey for a sophisticated cheese board that delights the senses. Alternatively, melt this alpine gem into a hearty fondue, creating a communal dining experience filled with warmth and flavour. The versatility of Alpine Bliss makes it a stellar companion for both culinary adventures and intimate gatherings.

Ideal for cheese enthusiasts seeking a taste of the Alpine tradition, Dirla Homestead’s Alpine style Cheese invites you to savour the alpine experience from the comfort of your home.

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