Spaghetti Liguori ( 500g)


Savor the taste of Italian tradition with Liguori Signature Spaghetti, a premium pasta that embodies the art of Italian culinary craftsmanship. Made by one of Italy’s oldest pasta producers, Liguori, this spaghetti is a testament to centuries of pasta-making expertise.

Crafted from the finest durum wheat semolina and pure spring water, each strand of Liguori Signature Spaghetti is a blend of simplicity and excellence. The pasta undergoes a slow drying process, adhering to time-honoured techniques that ensure a perfect al dente texture every time. The result is spaghetti with a remarkable ability to hold sauces and a sublime taste that speaks of its Italian heritage.

Serving Suggestion: Liguori Signature Spaghetti serves as the ideal canvas for a variety of dishes. Toss it in a simple yet classic Aglio e Olio (garlic and oil), or pair it with a robust marinara or Bolognese sauce for a heartier meal. For a truly Mediterranean experience, top it with fresh seafood in a light white wine sauce. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a glass of Italian wine for an authentic dining experience.

Perfect for pasta lovers and gourmet cooks, Liguori Signature Spaghetti brings the authentic flavours of Italy right to your dining table, making every meal a special occasion.

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